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Complete Election Night Coverage From VPR & NPR

11/02/10 7:00PM

VPR and NPR are your source for local and national election results and coverage. Here's a rundown of coverage:

» 7p-8pm VPR Special Coverage Broadcast: Campaign 2010 Election Night
» 8p-3am NPR & VPR Coverage continues with updates throughout the night
» VPR.net Visit VPR.net for the latest local and national results
» @vprnet Follow VPR on Twitter @vprnet for updates
» VPR's Mirror Towns - VPR analyzes the results from these "mirror towns" to look for statewide trends
» VPR Newscasts - Listen throughout the evening for updates from Vermont races


Visit Campaign 2010 for the latest News, Candidate Information, Debates, and election night Results »

The above is a picture of the interactive map that will be available this evening at VPR.net. Check back for full results beginning later this afternoon and this evening.


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