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Commercial Wind Power's Role In Vermont

08/23/10 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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AP Photo/Tim Roske
A wind turbine spins at the Searsburg Wind Power Facility in Searsburg, Vt. Thursday, July 21, 2005.

Advocates for commercial wind projects say Vermont lags behind other New England states in developing wind as a source of power. But opponents say that's a good thing. Monday on Vermont Edition, we step back and debate what role, if any, locally generated commercial wind power should have in Vermont's energy mix.

Our guests are Lawrence Mott, the chairman Renewable Energy Vermont, who says commercial wind development plays an important role in Vermont's energy future; and Ben Luce, who chairs the Sustainability Studies Program at Lyndon State College and says the negative environmental impact of commercial wind development in Vermont far outweighs the limited role wind energy can play in the state's energy mix.

Tell us how you think wind power fits into the state's energy future: post your comment below or email vermontedition@vpr.net




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