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Combating Invasive Plants

08/16/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Sara Kuebbing
Japanese Barberry
For years, invasive and exotic plants have been arriving in Vermont, brought here both inadvertently and intentionally.  Some have even arrived as attractive ornamental varieties sold by local nurseries.  Some of these plants are harmless, but others have proved so tenacious that they out-compete native species and defy efforts to control or eradicate them. 

Now foresters, environmentalists and many nurseries are working together to combat invasives.

We talk with Sharon Plumb, the invasive plant specialist with the Nature Conservancy and co-chair of the Vermont Invasive Exotic Plant Committee and Sam Schneski, County Forester in Windham, Windsor and Southern Bennington Counties. 

We also talk with Dan Redondo, a member of the board of directors of Greenworks, a trade association that represents Vermont nurseries and landscapers, about a new voluntary code of conduct to curb sales of invasive ornamental plants.   Listen

Also we hear from Dr. William Hsiao, a Harvard economist and  internationally known expert on health care systems.  Hsiao has been hired to recommend changes to Vermont's system.


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