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Author Garret Keizer On Noise

08/02/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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 The world has gotten louder, and as Vermont author Garret Keizer discovered, noise says something about who we are. 

In his book The Unwanted Sound Of Everything We Want, Keizer examines the tension between our desire for peace and quiet and our love of technology. 

Keizer traveled the globe to see (and hear) places where noise is a social as well as an environmental issue. 

His conclusion: the most powerless in a culture are those who suffer most from noise.  We talk with Keizer about the culture, economics and politics of  noise. Listen

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Also, Les Blomberg founded the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse after a street sweeper lumbered past his Montpelier apartment one morning at 4am.  We talk with Blomberg about noise pollution in Vermont and the nation. Listen



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