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Archaeology Field Work At Chimney Point

07/28/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Host Jane Lindholm
The archaeological field work that has been conducted this summer near the former Champlain Bridge is wrapping up this week. But archaeologists who have been recovering significant artifacts from Chimney Point say they have years of lab analysis ahead to render the exact meaning of the materials they have found. We talk with John Crock, the director of the the UVM Consulting Archaeology Program and the principle investigator at the Chimney Point site about the significant discoveries that have been made in the aftermath of the Champlain Bridge's demolition.

Also in the program, there's a heated Republican primary for New Hampshire's vacant U.S. Senate seat. John Gregg, the Valley News political editor, gives us an update on the four-way race among former attorney general Kelly Ayotte, businessmen Bill Binnie and Jim Bender, and attorney Ovide Lamontagne.

And our Summer School series of fun skills you can learn this season continues. VPR's Steve Zind visits Roots School in East Calais to learn how to start a fire without matches.


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