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The Future Of The Long Trail

07/26/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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For most organizations 'change' is good.  For the Green Mountain Club it's a different matter.  The club's mission is to try to protect Vermont's Long Trail from change:  changes in land ownership, changes public attitudes toward hiking, even climate change. 

As we mark the 100th anniversary of the Long Trail in our series The Long Trail, Vermont's Footpath Through History, we talk with Ben Rose, Executive Director of The Green Mountain Club about the next 100 years.  Listen

(Post your comments and questions about the Long Trail below.)

Also, we talk with Jonathan Wahl and Leigh Hunt, known on the trail as Rough and Tumble.  They mentor aspiring end-to-end Long Trail hikers, offering advice on the physical and emotional challenges of walking from Massachusetts to the Canadian border. Listen

Finally, the first part in our series of voices from the trail.  We hear about the pleasures of day-hiking the Long Trail.  Listen

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The Long Trail: Vermont's Footpath Through History



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