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Endless Vacation And Taking Back Childhood

07/17/10 4:00PM


For many retirees, the experience of an "endless vacation" can lead to loneliness and depression. This week on the VPR Saturday Special, we'll learn how some seniors are opting for an "encore career".   On the other end of the age spectrum, we'll hear from Nancy Carlsson-Paige, the author of "Taking Back Childhood" about how consumerism, media violence and structured schedules are impacting our kids. 

This is the first of five VPR Saturday Specials produced by HumanMedia.  Next week, public radio visionary Bill Siemering, who conceived NPR's mission, discusses his recent activities of developing community radio services in third world nations as a way to give people a voice and to heal conflict. 

On the 31st, learn how Harvard's Mind/Body Medical Institute has pioneered research on the Relaxation Response.  On August 7, we mark the 75th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous through the voices of those who credit AA for giving them a new foundation for life.   And on August 14, a HumanMedia documentary about the psychological and spiritual impact of being diagnosed with cancer.

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