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2010 Lt. Governor Candidate Interviews

07/12/10 2:25PM

It's a wide open race for Lt. Governor this year. For the first time in more than a decade, there's no incumbent running in the contest.  And this situation has brought out a number of candidates seeking this office. Vermont Edition's Jane Lindholm and Bob Kinzel will be talking with the candidates about the issues defining their candidacy during the primary campaign season. Check back to listen to more interviews as they are posted.

Interview Schedule - Dates Subject To Change

July 6     Steve Howard     (Democrat)

July 12   Marjorie Power    (Progressive)

July 14   Boots Wardinski  (Progressive)

July 16   Chris Bray          (Democrat)

July 20   Mark Snelling     (Republican)

July 27   Phil Scott           (Republican)


The list of candidates running in the 2010 elections as listed by the Secretary of State's office

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