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Mean Girls

04/20/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Teenage girls can be notoriously mean to each other--from spreading malicious rumors to gossiping to shunning others socially.  And the long term consequences of such "mean girl" behavior can have impacts into adulthood.  We talk with UVM Assistant Professor of Psychology, Annie Murray-Close who researches the ways young girls show aggression towards each other.  And we hear how girls can better cope and control their reactions to aggression. Listen 

Last week, Adjutant General Michael Dubie updated lawmakers on the 1500 members of the Vermont Army Guard serving in Afghanistan, and said the mission is challenging, but the soldiers are well-trained and upbeat.  We get an additional update from Afghanistan with Colonel Will Roy, the commander of the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, which includes the Vermont Guard soldiers. Listen

And, we walk in the woods to visit vernal pools.  These temporary pools of water are teeming with activity this time of year and they're crucial in the lifecycle of amphibians and invertebrates. Listen


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