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Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito

04/14/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito

Vermont's "Challenges for Change" progress report sets a target of $10 million dollars in savings for the Corrections department in fiscal year 2011.  And the report suggests decreasing Vermont's incarcerated population as a way to meet that financial goal.  A senate bill would help do so by releasing non-violent offenders early.  We talk with Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito, about how the department is finding ways to trim its budget.  And we hear from Barre city mayor Thom Lauzon who has been critical of the senate bill.

Also, we don't often hear from a Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court when he's not on the bench, but in the past year or so, Chief Justice Paul Reiber has been very active and vocal in the debate over legislation to cut the budget and restructure Vermont's court system.  We talk with Vermont Law School Professor Cheryl Hanna about his more visible role.

And, VPR's Susan Keese takes us to a wool market in Grafton.






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