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Vermont Applies For 'Race To The Top' Funds

04/07/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Recently Tennessee and Delaware were awarded funds from the federal "Race to the Top" education grant.  Vermont will be applying for the second round of "Race to the Top" funds later in the summer. But Vermont will need to compete and demonstrate how it's dealing with schools that are labeled as low achieving.  On Vermont Edition we talk with Vermont Deputy Commissioner of Education Rae Ann Knopf and Ken Page, executive director the Vermont Principals' Association, about this competitive grant program and Vermont's efforts to improve schools. Listen

Also, on April 22, new federal rules for lead paint removal go into effect.  They're meant to strengthen current requirements for property owners, and make housing safer.  However, they're an extra requirement for property owners and contractors in Vermont, because the state has decided not to merge the EPA rules into its state law.  We talk with Vermont's Deputy Health commissioner, Dixie Henry, about why. Listen

And, as we're celebrating the signs of spring, we don't want to overlook the cluster fly, whose secrets are revealed by state entomologist Jon Turmel. Listen


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