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Personal Stories of Philanthropy

03/27/10 4:00PM

Massman & Assoc
Tracy Gary
This week's Saturday Special on VPR is a two part documentary about philanthropy produced by David Freudberg for Human Media.

 The Giving Circle

Named for the Greek Goddess of the Hearth, The Hestia Fund is an informal giving circle located in Boston, where forty women get together each month to debate where to give their charitable donations. The group then explores and visits organizations that share their focus.. Hear what motivated founder Susan Priem to start the fund, how the other women view their roles, and how they hope to promote social justice through fostering and supporting after-school programs.

Tracey Gary On Funding Hope

Tracy Gary, Pillsbury heiress and noted philanthropist, calls charity the "new American dream" because it is uniquely able to create change in our world. A founder of over a dozen charities herself, Gary has given nearly all of her inheritance away. Her candor, spirit, and thoughts on why the present moment offers a golden chance for betterment will convince you how hope, more than anything, can fund a cynical world.   For more information about Gary and her book Inspired Philanthropy, visit her website.

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