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Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss

03/04/10 12:00PM
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AP file photo/Toby Talbot
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss rejects the idea that the defeat of Instant Runoff Voting is a referendum on his administration, but many city observers say otherwise. Mayor Kiss is our guest to discuss the results of Town Meeting Day in Vermont's largest city. We'll also discuss the financial management of Burlington Telecom, the city-owned phone, cable and internet service that has been the focus of regulatory investigation.We also learn more about he city's plan to develop the northern end of Waterfront Park, near the Moran Plant development site. Listen


Also in the program, a new biography of Dr. Seuss. The beloved children's writer went to Dartmouth under his given name, Theodor Geisel. Dartmouth English Professor Donald Pease's book about the school's famous alum is, "Theodor SEUSS Geisel" and it's part of Oxford University Press's Lives and Legacies series. Listen


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