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Vermont Looks To Move Primary Date

02/11/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Vermont's primary election date is one of the latest in the country, and lawmakers in Montpelier are debating whether or not to move it earlier.  Those in favor of the change, say it puts Vermont in line with new federal election rules, but those against it say the change is motivated by politics.  Last session, the Senate passed a bill authorizing an earlier primary date, and this year, it's the House's turn to debate the bill.  We talk with two members of the House Government Operations committee, Rep. Donna Sweaney, and Rep. Pat McDonald. Listen

Also, we hear from Vermont flutist Karen Kevra, whose new album is titled "Romantic Music."  She talks about what distinguishes the romantic era of classical music, and how the mood and the stories behind the music are perfect for Valentine's Day. Listen


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