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Jazz: New Year, New Releases

01/19/10 9:00PM By George Thomas

We begin the evening with piano players, Jimmy Rowles, Nat King Cole, Ahmed Jamal and continue with new young women jazz musicians including sax players Tineke Postma & Sharel Cassity and pianist/vocalist Ramona Borthwick. The South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim is featured with the German WDR Big Band Cologne.



Medley: I Wouldn't Change You For The World / You Are Too Beautiful
Artist Name: Jimmy Rowles
Composer: Jones-Newman / Rodgers-Hart
Soloists: Jimmy Rowles-Piano ; Red Mitchell-Bass ; Art Mardigan-Drums
CD/Album: Pacific Jazz Piano Trios
Record co./Cat #: Mosaic Select 019
Release Year: 1954


(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66; Straighten Up And Fly Right
Artist Name: The Nat King Cole Trio
Composer: B. Troup / N.K. Cole-I. Mills
Soloists: Nat King Cole-Piano
CD/Album: The Very Best Of Nat King Cole
Release Year: 1946 / 1943


Artist Name: Ahmad Jamal
Composer: Ahmad Jamal
Soloists: Ahmad Jamal-Piano ; James Cammack-Bass ; Manolo Badrena-Percussion ; Kenny Washington-Drums
CD/Album: A Quiet Time
Record co./Cat #: Dreyfus Jazz 369452
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


Song For F
Artist Name: Tineke Postma
Composer: Tineke Postma
Soloists: Tineke Postma-Alto & Soprano Sax ; Anne Chris-Vocals ; Geri Allen-Piano ; Scott Colley-Bass ; Terri Lyne Carrington-Drums
CD/Album: Et'CeteraNow
Record co./Cat #: 6003
Release Year: 2010
Note: New


Who's Your Mama
Artist Name: Ramona Borthwick
Composer: Ramona Borthwick
Soloists: Ramona Borthwick-Piano, Vocals ; Ingrid Jensen-Trumpet, Flugelhorn ; Noel Borthwick-Guitar ; Johannes Weidenmuller-Bass ; Adam Cruz-Drums
CD/Album: One Of Us
Record co./Cat #: Leitmotif 002
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


Love's Lament
Artist Name: Sharel Cassity
Composer: Sharel Cassity
Soloists: Sharel Cassity-Alto Sax ; Jeremy Pelt-Trumpet ; Michael Dease-Trombone ; Orrin Evans-Piano
CD/Album: Relentless
Record co./Cat #: Jazz Legacy Productions 0901001
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


If The Shoe Fits
Artist Name: Cynthia Scott
Composer: C. Scott / N. Morrison
Soloists: Cynthia Scott-Vocals ; Bill Easley-Tenor Sax ; Lonnie Plaxico-Bass ; Yoron Israel-Drums
CD/Album: Dream For One Bright World
Record co./Cat #: Ttocs Music 1914
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


Artist Name: Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband
Composer: Omar Sosa
Jaques Morelenbaum
Soloists: Omar Sosa-Piano ; Frank Delle-Bass Clarinet ; Jaques Morelenbaum-Cello ; NDR Bigband
CD/Album: Ceremony
Record co./Cat #: Ota Records 1021
Release Year: 2010
Note: New


Peace Piece
Artist Name: Ben Allison
Composer: Ben Allison
Soloists: Ben Allison-Bass ; Shane Endsley-Trumpet ; Jenny Scheinman-Violin ; Steve Cardenas-Guitar ; Rudy Royston-Drums
CD/Album: Think Free
Record co./Cat #: Palmetto Records 2140
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


The Afterthought
Artist Name: Stefon Harris and Blackout
Composer: Marc Cary
Soloists: Stefon Harris-Vibes & Marimba ; Casey Benjamin ; Marc Cary-Piano ; Ben Williams-Bass ; Terreon Gully-Drums
CD/Album: Urbanus
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 31286-02
Release Year: 2009
Note: In Concert: 2.5.10 Stefon Harris & Imani Winds-Flynn, Burlington


Folk Art
Artist Name: Joe Lovano Us Five
Composer: Joe Lovano
Soloists: Joe Lovano-Tenor Sax & Straight Alto Sax ; James Weidman-Piano ; Esperanza Spalding-Bass ; Otis Brown III-Drums, Percussion ; Francesco Mela-Drums, Percussion
CD/Album: Folk Art
Record co./Cat #: Blue Note Records 91528 2
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


African River
Artist Name: Abdullah Ibrahim & WDR Big Band Cologne
Composer: Abdullah Ibrahim
Soloists: Abdullah Ibrahim-Piano ; Karolina Strassmeyer-Alto Sax ; Rob Bruynen-Trumpet
CD/Album: Bombella
Record co./Cat #: Sunnyside 1251
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


No Moe
Artist Name: Cedar Walton
Composer: Sonny Rollins
Soloists: Cedar Walton-Piano ; Vincent Herring-Tenor Sax ; Buster Williams-Bass ; Willie Jones III-Drums
CD/Album: Voices Deep Within
Record co./Cat #: HighNote 7204
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


Chica Chica Boom Chic
Artist Name: Bebel Gilberto
Composer: Harry Warren & Mack Gordon
Soloists: Bebel Gilberto-Vocals ; Carlinhos Brown-Programming, Vocals & Loops
CD/Album: All In One
Record co./Cat #: Verve B0013353-02
Release Year: 2010
Note: New


Artist Name: Luis Bonilla
Composer: Luis Bonilla
Soloists: Luis Bonilla-Trombone ; Ivan Renta-Sax ; Arturo O' Farrill-Piano ; Andy McKee-Bass ; John Riley-Drums
CD/Album: I Talking Now!
Record co./Cat #: Planet Arts 300977
Release Year: 2009
Note: New


Echoes Of Home
Artist Name: John Moulder
Composer: John Moulder
Soloists: John Moulder-Guitar
CD/Album: Bifrost
Record co./Cat #: Origin Records 82546
Release Year: 2009
Note: New
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