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'One Nation Under Contract'

01/14/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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When you hear about government contracting gone awry, you might think of huge sums of money disappearing in misguided projects. But the world of government contracts is more complex than a few examples of fraud. In her new book, 'One Nation Under Contract,' Middlebury College professor Allison Stanger argues that outsourcing the government's work through contracts with private companies and non-profits has serious implications for security and foreign policy. Listen

Also in the program, the Senate Judiciary Committee is taking testimony Thursday morning on the issue of human trafficking. Sponsors of a new bill say Vermont lags behind other states when it comes to criminal penalties, prevention programs and services for human trafficking victims. We talk with the committee's chair, Sen. Dick Sears, who is co-sponsoring the measure. Listen



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