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Midday Classical: Essex Children's Choir

12/18/09 11:00AM By Walter Parker

Cheryl Willoughby

Constance Price leads the Essex Children's Choir in VPR"s annual live holiday concert.  Founded in 1985, the Choir has performed in Europe and on a Prairie Home Companion.  Founder and Director Constance Price has dedicated her life to the music education of children at the highest level.  She has been honored as Vermont Music Teacher of the Year and has been made a Fellow of the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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The  Essex Children’s Choir of Vermont

Constance J. Price, founding director

Karen Reed, accompanist


    Vermont Artists members of  VSO

Heidi Soons, harp

Anne Janson, flute/piccolo

Tom  Toner, percussion


Essex Children’s Choir Ensemble

Katherine Botula, Essex

Casandra Besso, Jericho

Caryn Devins, Essex

Emily Johnson, Essex

Noelle Kichura, Underhill

Sarah Reed, Williston

Ellen Seyller, Essex

Gabriela Tellez, Essex Junction



Set I 

a. ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime – Huron Carol, arr. J. Alban Hinton; 

       piano and melodic percussion   (3:20)


b. I Know A Flow’r -    Melchoir Vulpius      15th Century Canon; a cappella         (1:31)

c. Maria Walks Amid the Thorn -  Medieval German Carol,  a setting in melodic minor by Healey Willan 

                                                                          piano  (3:00)



Set II    Lullabies to the Christ Child

a. Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabelle -     From Tableau de Noel   French Carol arr. Stephen Mager;

                                                                 harp & flute       (3:15)

b.  Infant Holy -     Polish Carol arr. by Mary Goetze    a cappella      (3:30)

c. The Coventry Carol -  Traditional English, setting by Douglas E. Wagner;     harp    (2:45)




Set III   

a. Carol of the Drum  -   Czech Carol arr. by Katherine Davis;   a cappella  & percussion; published 1941

    Adapted in a setting  in the sixties as The Little Drummer Boy by Harry Simeone      (2:28)


b. Japanese Christmas Carol -   Traditional arr. by T. Charles Lee;    harp  (2:58)

c. Shepherd’s Pipe Carol -  by John Rutter;       harp     (3:00)

d.- 1  North Winds Blow     by Zoltan Kodaly-        a cappella    ( :25) 

d- 2   Christmas Dance of the Shepherds -     by Zoltan Kodaly          a cappella     (1:55)


Set IV  Songs for the Holiday Season

a. Prayer from “Hansel & Gretel” -   by Engelbert  Humperdinck     piano      (2:18)

b. Hanerot Halalu -  Baruch J. Cohon, arr. by Blanche Chass   (A Song for Hanukah)  piano   (2:08)

c. Sleigh Ride -  Leroy Anderson, arr by  Hawley Ades;   piano/percussion   (3:15)

d. Carol of the Children -  John Rutter;  harp        (3:21) 

e.  Go Tell it On the Mountain -   American Art Song arr. by Harry T. Burleigh;   piano (3:00)





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