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Seamans: Crashing The Party

12/09/09 7:55AM By Bill Seamans
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(HOST) Veteran journalist and commentator Bill Seamans thinks that crashing a party at the White House really isn't a laughing matter.

(SEAMANS) Despite all the jokes about the penetration of White House security--- the party-crasher incident should not be pushed into the background until all those involved are made accountable.  So far three Secret Service agents have been put on administrative leave which could mean that their careers are over.  The Secret Service chief took full responsibility.  Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary, has been criticized for not helping the Secret Service screen the guests.  The White House refuses to let her be questioned by a Congressional Committee.  The White House has been accused by Republicans of "stonewalling" the investigation of Rogers' possible involvement in the incident.  I think if she doesn't appear then a troubling doubt will remain in the public's mind over the cause of the breakdown.

There can be no margin of error.  The life of the President of the United State is at stake and he has received more than 400 credible death threats so far, more than any other President.  He's the prime target not only of the terrorism world but also crackpot extremists stirred up by the violent rants of  talk show hate mongers regarded so dangerous that the Anti-Defamination League has spoken out against them.

After the jokes, there is solemn concern and dismay over the fact that a party crashing couple with a very gamy reputation as social climbers and publicity seekers penetrated Secret Service security with apparent ease.  How is still the question.  Overwhelmed by all the talk shows and comedians was the truly frightening fact that they taught the world's most sophisticated assassins that the awesome security bubble around President Obama was penetrable.  The couple actually shook hands with Obama and the guest of honor, the Prime Minister of India.  They could have been terrorists bearing weapons even more sophisticated than James Bond's arsenal.  That sounds like a wild-eyed movie plot, doesn't it?  Well check your Cineplex in about a year.

During my checkered career I've had many contacts with the Secret Service and learned firsthand what extraordinary persons our men and women agents are.  Of the hundreds who apply only a few are chosen and survive the extreme mental and physical rigors of their training.

I had to show my I.D. every time I checked in at the White House even though I was on the Secret Service "cleared" list and appeared regularly on Peter Jennings' program.   The Secret Service is reassessing its procedures to eliminate any other loopholes that might have infected their nerve-racking and arduously repetitive duties.   Our Secret Service agents deserve the fullest support  that we the people can give them as they dedicate their lives to protect the President of the United States.  They should not be held up as the butt of jokes.
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