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Dubie's decision to run; quality of health care in Vt

10/01/09 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP file photo/Toby Talbot
Lt. Governor Brian Dubie
Lt. Governor Brian Dubie released a statement this morning that he will run as a Republican candidate for governor in 2010. Dubie joins us to discuss how his decision affects other potential candidates and races for the Republican Party, and he takes your comments and questions.



AP/C. Bennett

Also, as the country continues to debate how to pay for health care, the authors of a new report on overall medical care in Vermont say the state needs to continue to emphasize the quality of healthcare.  We talk with Dr. Cy Jordan and Helen Riehle from the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care, who put out an annual report on medical care in the state.  Some of their key findings this year include a recommendation to expand the Blueprint for Health program for chronic illnesses, and recognition of the state's end of life care.  But they also think the state could be doing more to keep costs down. 

You can view the report online here:  2009 report



Photo credit:  AP/Charles Bennett


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