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Federal Legislation Impacts Vermont's Student Loans

09/22/09 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/T. Talbot

Legislation moving through Congress that revamps federal college financial aid has many worrying about the future of Vermont's leading financial aid agency: the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. We talk with VSAC President Don Vickers about how new laws could force the agency to scale back considerably.  And, we learn how federal changes in financial aid could impact Vermont's students. 

Also, chef Emeril Lagasse recently spent a few days in Greensboro and Hardwick exploring the local food economy.  We'll get his take on what he thinks the rest of the country can learn from our region.  View photos of Chef Lagasse here.

And we celebrate the life and music of musician and chorale conductor Blanche Moyse.  She founded the Brattleboro Music Center in 1952, and this year she celebrates her 100th birthday.  The center has planned a year-long series of concerts and special programs in her honor.




Photo credit:  AP/Toby Talbot


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