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Slow Money

08/10/09 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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What if American investors put more of their money into a local, agriculture based food system?  Or invested money within 50 miles of their homes?  We learn more about a movement called Slow Money.  Our guest is Woody Tasch, who heads a nonprofit aimed at directing investments to local, sustainable food systems.  Tasch will also be the keynote speaker at the Vermont Fresh Network's Annual Forum.(Listen)

Also, the Green Mountain Club has published a new guidebook of walking trails in Vermont.  It's called The Walker's Guide to Vermont: Rambles for Half an Hour or Half a Day.  We go along on one of the suggested walks with the book's editor, Mary Lou Recor.(Listen)

And, on August weekends a team of volunteers from the Burlington non-profit group, Local Motion, operates a 3-minute "bike ferry" across the Colchester-South Hero causeway.(Listen)





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