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Vermont's Long Trail

07/27/09 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/A. Pellett

For nearly a century, Vermont's Long Trail has inspired hikers to explore the Green Mountains.  The 272 mile footpath stretches along the main ridge of the Green Mountains, from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border.  A new book put out by the Green Mountain Club, A Century in the Mountains:  Celebrating Vermont's Long Trail, chronicles the trail's first 100 years, from its creation to how it's used today.  We're joined by the book's editor, Tom Slayton. Listen

Also, ecologist Leif Richardson of the Department of Fish and Wildlife tells us why some species of bumblebees are disappearing from Vermont. Listen

If you have a story or information to share about the Long Trail, email Tom Slayton.



Photo credit:  AP/Alden Pellett


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