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Managing Vermont's Big Game

07/14/09 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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Vermont's big game populations of bear, deer, moose and wild turkey are thriving, but there are threats to habitat and some wide regional variations in their numbers.  A new ten year plan drafted by the Fish and Wildlife Department attempts to address these issues - and includes some intriguing suggestions - like special hunting seasons to reduce the number of deer in suburban areas, and increased regulation of captive animal facilities in Vermont, where penned deer are hunted.  We'll talk about the plan with Lawrence Pyne, host of Vermont Public Television's Outdoor Journal and with biologist John Buck of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Listen 

We'll also talk with John Gregg of the Valley News about plans to relocate one of the helicopters Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center uses to transport critically ill and injured patients. Listen




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