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New drug marketing rules

06/18/09 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Nati Harnik

This month the governor signed into law new rules that strengthens Vermont's already tough approach to pharmaceutical manufacturers that provide gifts to physicians. Supporters of the law say it curbs the problem of physicians giving preferential treatment to some drugs or drug makers, rather than using science and medical outcomes as the basis for prescribing drugs. Paul Harrington of the Vermont Medical Society, which represents doctors, explains why VMS supports this law. And we talk with Assistant Attorney General Wendy Morgan about how the updated rules will be implemented and what information consumers can access about the gifts their doctors might have received from drug makers. Listen

Also in the program, the New York State Senate continues to argue over who is charge. Ten days ago the Republican caucus staged a coup for control of the Senate, but Democrats cried foul. Now with the two sides deadlocked with 31 lawmakers each, the Senate has been unable to reach a quorum and several must-pass bills linger. Albany Times Union political editor Casey Seiler explains how this legislative chaos is affecting real issues in New York, and what the prognosis is for a resolution. Listen

And we honor Juneteenth with music from Vermonter Myra Flynn. Her song "Miss Independence" is on the album Crooked Measures and features the vocals of fellow Vermont artist Anais Mitchell. Listen


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