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Magnet Schools

04/30/09 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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J. Bushey/VPR
H.O. Wheeler Elementary in Burlington

Imagine a classroom where students dance the lifecycle of a seed or learn about food production by meeting farmers and eating local food.  Those are activities that are planned for the state's first two magnet schools.  The schools will focus on arts and sustainability and will be part of the Burlington School District in the fall.   We talk with one of the school's principals, Paula Bowen, and with Vermont's Education Commissioner Armando Vilaseca about how magnet schools fit into our education system, and how the model could be spread statewide.

Also, Steele Taylor is a UVM undergrad in the department of Nutrition and Food Science who's done research on "Short-Term Effects of Diet on Cognitive Performance."  Basically, he's been looking at what, when and how much students should eat to best boost their chances of doing well on their exams.  We talk with Taylor about how he got interested in this kind of research.

Steele's Top 10 Dietary Principles and Strategies
For Maximizing Cognitive Performance (pdf)


And, we go hunting for fiddlehead ferns with Wild Edibles experts Nova Kim and Les Hook.



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