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Living Without a Home: Meghann Cline's Story

04/30/09 7:50AM By Lynne McCrea

Few of us know what it's like to be homeless. In today's world, the people who are homeless may be mothers, fathers ... working people.

In a series of continuing reports, VPR's Lynne McCrea takes us into the world of Meghann Cline, whose circumstances have left her and her three children homeless.


Part One: Despite setbacks, family is focused on the future

VPR's Lynne McCrea takes us into the world of Meghann Cline and her children, who have been living in the COTS family shelter, in Burlington, since September.





Part Two: Homeless family searches for apartment

For Meghan, success would be: saving enough money for an apartment, finding an apartment that's affordable, and then getting a landlord to say yes. VPR's Lynne McCrea hears just how challenging that can be



Part Three: The search continues

The economy has made Meghan's situation even worse. 

This segment, Part Three, is also part of a larger VPR Series on how the recession is affecting Vermonters called "Hitting Home"



Part Four: Homeless family puts down roots

Meghann pines her hopes on federally subsidized housing, and a voucher that's specifically for people who are homeless.  

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