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Vermont Quits

01/12/09 5:30PM By Neal Charnoff

AP Photo/T.Talbot
In this season of new resolutions, VPR explores the issue of smoking in Vermont. Ten years ago a landmark legal settlement with the tobacco industry boosted the campaign to reduce smoking. And great strides have been made. But today, more than one in six adults in Vermont still smokes.

In our week-long series, Vermont Quits, VPR's Neal Charnoff talks with experts about why it's so hard to quit and what helps. We'll also hear from smokers about life before and after kicking the habit.

Tune in beginning Monday, January 12th, at 5:30pm during All Things Considered





Part One: Who still smokes and why it's so hard to quit






Part Two: Quitting - What Helps?








Part Three: Starting & Stopping






Part Four: The Tobacco Settlement & the Funds





  Part Five: A Smoker's Reflections







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