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Sounds of 2008

12/15/08 6:35AM


2008 was a year full of sound for Vermont. There was a historic election, financial collapse, big weather, celebrity visits and many personal stories that VPR covered. Together they tell the story of the year. Join VPR for the Sounds of 2008, a review of what made news over the past year. Tune in beginning December 15th to hear "Sounds of 2008" during during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on VPR.

Tell us your favorite sounds of 2008



Click each link below to listen to the Sounds of 2008





Presidential Visits




Legislative Hearings









Bush Visit





National Guard






Bailout protest





Welch on the bailout






Billboard anniversary








Scoville Lab




  Al Jazeera





Tom Salmon





  Rough Roads






  Abenaki Songs








  Patrick Leahy









  The Rooney Verdict





Brooke Bennett





High School Sports




White Nose Syndrome




Garrison Kellior





Louis Peck & Tom Fagen


Cola Hudson, Sara Gear Boyd & Graham Newell 





Alexander Solzhenitsyn & Hayden Carruth 





  Elton John Fan





Dam Removal




Darren Tardif


Gay Marriage




A work horse retires




  Howard Dean





  Gubernatorial Debate



AP Photos:

Top Left: Lawrence Jackson

Top Center & Right: Toby Talbot

1st Row l-r Gerald Herbert, Toby Talbot

2nd Row: l-r Glen Russell, Toby Talbot, Manuel Balce Ceneta

Bat Photo: Jane Lindholm

Snow Photo: Toby Talbot

Laura Bush phhoto: Toby Talbot

Memorial photo: Patti Daniels

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