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Prepping the spring garden

11/28/08 7:50AM By Henry Homeyer

As winter descends on the Northeast, gardening may not be the first thing on your mind.  But commentator Henry Homeyer says there are things you can do during the cold months ahead to help get ready for a spring garden. Check back to this page throughout the winter for tips that can help you start planning now for a small vegetable garden in the middle of your lawn next spring.


  Part One: The Small Garden

Last summer, gardening guy Henry Homeyer decided to experiment with somewhat unorthodox, small-scale gardens - designed to save both money in the food budget and time in the garden. In the first of several commentaries on the success of this venture, he says it's not too late to start one for next year.

Part Two: Preparing The Soil

Gardening guy Henry Homeyer has been experimenting with small-scale gardens designed to save both money and time - set in the middle of the lawn - so preparing the soil is a key to success.  



Part Three: Growing gardens and community

Commentator and Gardening Guy Henry Homeyer says the middle of winter is the perfect time to plan a garden - to grow food, flowers, and community.

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