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LIVE performance by bassist Ellen Powell & guitarist Geoff Kim

12/10/08 8:00PM By George Thomas

Bassist Ellen Powell and guitarist Geoff Kim play Live In VPR's Performance Studio. Kim & Powell duet often at Leunig's in Burlington. Ellen is one of Vermont's premier bass players, Kim is an accomplished composer and guitarist with GuaGua, Burlington's latin world band.


Listen to this Live Performance »


Check out VPR's Flickr photostream for more photos, by George Thomas, of Ellen and Geoff performing Live »

(... and check out this photo of Geoff, taken by George, at the 2008 VPR Listener Picnic)


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Alone Together; Samba de Orfeo; Chittlin Con Carne; Always And Forever; Joy Spring; Christmas Song; How Insensitive; James
Artist Name: Ellen Powell & Geoff Kim
CD/Album: Live In VPR's Performance Studio
Release Year: 2008


Search For The New Land
Artist Name: Lee Morgan
Composer: Lee Morgan
Soloists: Lee Morgan-Trumpet ; Wayne Shorter-Tenor Sax ; Grant Green-Guitar ; Herbie Hancock-Piano
CD/Album: Search For The New Land
Record co./Cat #: Blue Note Records 7-84169-2
Release Year: 1964


Body And Soul
Artist Name: The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet
Soloists: James Moody-Tenor Sax ; Hank Jones-Piano
CD/Album: Our Delight
Record co./Cat #: IPO Recordings 1013
Release Year: 2008


O Christmas Tree
Artist Name: Heritage Hall Jazz Band
Composer: Trad
CD/Album: Christmas With
Record co./Cat #: LaserLight 12 545
Release Year: 1995


Jitterbug Waltz
Artist Name: Anat Cohen
Composer: Fats Waller
Soloists: Anat Cohen-Clarinet
CD/Album: Notes From The Village
Record co./Cat #: Anzic Records 1302
Release Year: 2008
Note: New


Gumbo Street
Artist Name: Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band
Composer: Gordon Goodwin
CD/Album: Act Your Age
Record co./Cat #: Immergent 281147-2
Release Year: 2008
Note: Grammy Nominee


Every Time We Say Goodbye
Artist Name: Marilyn Scott
Composer: Cole Porter
Soloists: Marilyn Scott-Vocals
CD/Album: Every Time We Say Goodbye
Record co./Cat #: Venus Records 35419
Release Year: 2008
Note: New


Artist Name: Mike Turk
Composer: Luiz Banfa
Soloists: Mike Turk-Jazz Harmonica
CD/Album: The Nature Of Things
Record co./Cat #: Tin Sandwich Records 004
Release Year: 2008
Note: New


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