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2008 Candidate Profiles

09/19/08 10:54AM

Throughout the 2008 campaign season VPR is profiling the candidates in a series on one-on-one interviews during Vermont Edition and Morning Edition. Click on the links below to hear the various interviews.  And check back with this page to see new interviews added. 



Republican Jim Douglas

Jim Douglas campaign page





Democrat Gaye Symington

Gaye Symington campaign page





Independent Anthony Pollina

Anthony Pollina campaign page





Cheap Renewable Energy Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor campaign page




Liberty Union Peter Diamondstone

Liberty Union page





Independent Sam Young

Sam Young campaign page






Progressive Thomas Hermann

Thomas Hermann campaign page






Democrat Peter Welch

Peter Welch campaign page






Independent Mike Bethel

Mike Bethel campaign page





Liberty Union Jane Newton

Liberty Union page





Lieutenant Governor

Democrat Tom Costello

Tom Costello campaign page





Republican Brian Dubie

Brian Dubie campaign web site





Liberty Union Ben Mitchell

Liberty Union page




Progressive Richard Kemp

Progressive web page



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