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Fair People

09/01/08 7:50AM

Blue ribbon pies, games of skill, tractor pulls, rides and prize-winning heifers are just a few of the things people think of at fair time. Vermont's summer fairs return every year and so do the interesting stories from people who come to compete, be thrilled, win a prize or take in a little magic of the midway. In this special week-long series, VPR goes to the fair. We'll visit the tractor pull in Orleans County, the skillet toss at the Lamoille County Fair and head to the Wilmington Farmers' Days for a pie-eating contest.

Listen beginning September 1st during Morning Edition for special week-long series about the Fair People on VPR.

Monday, September 1


The Lamoille County Field Days is home to a different sort of contest - The Northern Vermont Ladies' Underhanded Skillet Tossing Competition. It's an annual tradition for some competitors. Even childbirth six years ago couldn't keep champion Tracy Laporte away.  Click here to read and listen to Skillet Toss.

Tuesday, September 2

Tractor Pull

At the Orleans County Fair, which turns 141 years old this year, tractor pull contestants drive a vintage tractor pulling another vehicle called a weight transfer sled. Click here to read and listen to Tractor Pull.

Wednesday, September 3

Pie Eating Contest

VPR's Susan Keese visited the Deerfield Valley Farmers' Day Fair in Wilmington to catch the annual pie eating competition and spoke with champion Travis Bolte. Click here to listen to Pie Eating Contest.



Thursday, September 4

Home and Garden Awards

At the Addison County Fair and Field Days this year, there were 750 entries competing for awards at the Home and Garden Department. Since the 1970's Frances Monroe has been in charge. Click here to listen to the Home and Garden Awards.



Friday, September 5

The Alligator Show

Listen as VPR's Nina Keck takes in the alligator show at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland. Click here to listen to the Alligator Show.




Click here to post your memories of the fair

Listen to Fair People from 2005 to hear about the people who make the fair work


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