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Community Health Centers

08/11/08 4:39PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Shari Vialpando

Vermont's network of federally qualified community health centers serves about 86 thousand people who aren’t able to afford the cost of treatment, or have difficulty traveling to other care providers. Medical expenses at community health centers are considerably lower than with other health care providers. We'll look at the services provided by these centers, and the role they play in the state’s effort to expand health care coverage. (Listen)

Also, the Princeton Review ranked the professors at Middlebury College as the best in the nation. We'll talk with Middlebury chemistry professor Sunhee Choi, who was chosen as the 2005 Vermont Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation - and find out what it takes to be a top college instructor. (Listen)

Finally a visit to the Helen Day Arts Center in Stowe to view the work of Rafael Cauduro, one of Mexico's best known painters. (Listen)

Photo: AP/Shari Vialpando



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