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Soldiers Revisited

06/09/08 7:50AM By Steve Zind

AP /Alden. Pellett
Two years ago this month, 400 members of the Vermont Guard's Task Force Saber returned home after a deployment in Iraq that saw six of their members killed. VPR profiled a number of the soldiers when they landed for debriefing at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. We talked with them about their time in Iraq and their feelings about returning home. Next week on VPR , we'll hear from three of the soldiers we talked with. We'll hear about the difficulties they faced readjusting to civilian life - and how they see their service in Iraq two years later.

Click on the names below to read and listen to their stories.









Timothy Tanner

Timothy Tanner came back to a wife and family in Barre Town and a job as an electrician. Two years later, Iraq is still very much on his mind.


Damon Rooney

Damon Rooney said the moment that stood out most in his mind during his 18 month deployment was the first time he had to shoot at an enemy combatant. He says he still thinks about that moment every day.




Sebastian Szykier

Like the other soldiers deployed to Iraq, Sebastian Szykier thinks often of his time there. At home with his family and newborn child he thinks of the handful of life and death situations he was in.



AP Photo/Alden Pellett


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