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My Vermont: Kathryn Johnson

05/16/08 7:50AM
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My parent's recipe for raising children was; zip them up, give them a kiss, and push them out the door. Whatever the weather, sunshine, rain, or snow, I was rolling in the middle of it. Some may have called us flower children or country kids, but we were kings of the forests, champion tree climbers, locked away princesses, African explorers, and Antarctic scientists.

I grew up in the rural town of Hyde Park, on top of Mckinstry Hill. Our neighborhood consisted of a few scattered houses, a plethora of blackberry bushes, and plenty of unknown woods for us to discover. I learned from an early age that in order to enjoy life you must experience it at every angle. We were taught our life lessons the hard way. Some of my parents famous quotes consisted of, "Yes Kathryn, if you climb that high it will hurt when you fall," or "Well now you know what poison ivy is." They loved us, and let us live, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Now as I walk through my town I am greeted by almost every neighbor with sincere pleasure. Growing up in a place where knowing your neighbor is unintentionally required makes me respect human interaction even more. The personal connections made in small town life are something I truly cherish. As a result of my childhood I know that I am a stronger person, mentally, and physically. I have the confidence to want to succeed in life and live it to its fullest.

My Vermont has taught me that anyone with a passion can fulfill that passion with hard work and dedication. And those values are going to always stay with me.

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