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The My Vermont Project

06/09/08 6:00PM

Alden Pellett
My Vermont was a multi-part project that focused on what Vermonters value about living here and the challenges we face in the future.

VPR listeners shared their own essays on how they see the future for the state. (Scroll down to read and listen to essay that have been on the air.)

Listener Comments Welcomed!

Even though the project has concluded, we invite you to see the dozens of comments, questions and observations listeners shared about the challenges facing Vermont. And there's still time to join the discussion. You can post your comments online or call this number to record a message: 800-258-1619. You may even hear an occasional new My Vermont essay broadcast on VPR.

The My Vermont Project Documentary

June 9, 6:00pm, Hosted by Steve Delaney

On Monday, June 9th, we examined the challenges that lie ahead for Vermont in a special 30-minute documentary. Host Steve Delaney explored how Vermont's identity is changing, and what needs to be done to retain the state's character in the future. And we looked at some of the challenges that lie ahead, as the My Vermont project came to a close.

Click here to listen to the My Vermont documentary


My Vermont on Vermont Edition: May 19-23

The week of May 19, the hosts of Vermont Edition, Bob Kinzel and Jane Lindholm, brought you a series of programs that asked the big questions about the major challenges facing the state.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Vermont's Identity
How are the people and landscape of Vermont changing, and what do we want to preserve?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What can be done to make Vermont a more affordable place to live?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Power Future
As Vermont decides where to get its electricity, how do we balance cost with environmental impact?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Health Care Costs
No financing system for health care is sustainable unless costs can be controlled. Why does health care cost so much?

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Listeners Envision Vermont's Future
How do VPR listeners envision the challenges and solutions facing the state?

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My Vermont Essays on Vermont Public Radio


Jim Woodard, Underhill

Jim says it's challenging to live anywhere. Every place has its own inherent strengths and disappointing drawbacks. The key is how we, as a community, choose to respond to either.

Read and listen to Jim's My Vermont Essay »


Sarah Jo Willey, Bakersfield

Sarah's Vermont is connection, community, family, the deep comfortable roots of home.

Read and listen to Sarah's My Vermont Essay



Maxine Leary, Montpelier

Maxine Leary wrote this poem especially for a nephew who grew up in Montpelier but at the time was working overseas. She thinks a Vermonter's life-story and geography resemble each other.

Read and listen to Maxine's My Vermont Essay

Kate Cadreact, Milton

Kate's overriding concern is that only the highly paid and wealthy individuals will have adequate housing, heat, nutritional food, and the privilege of serving the community.

Read and listen to Kate's My Vermont Essay


Lali Cobb, West Pawlet

Lali says that in an era when most Americans have forgotten the history of the food they eat the cycle in Vermont continues for all to see, and be inspired by.

Read and listen to Lali's My Vermont Essay.




Becka Roolf, Montpelier

Becka loves the freedom and the community that comes with having a compact approach to transportation and life.

Read and listen to Becka's My Vermont Essay




Dot Helling, Montpelier

Dot Helling says the smells, the views, the culture and our way of living are all part of a package that she has yet to find anywhere else on this planet.

Read and listen to Dot's My Vermont Essay


Mickey Meyers, Johnson

Mickey says the process of making art is appreciated and fostered here. There is something about the support of the people that steers her through the journey in her own studio.

Read and listen to Mickey's My Vermont Essay


Cara Butterly, Montpelier

Cara Butterly's Vermont reminds her of who she is and how much of her character is rooted in this landscape.

Read and listen to Cara's My Vermont Essay




Megan Humphrey, Burlington

Megan feels that with a little awareness and hard work by all of us, we can keep the best of the state and change the pieces that need a bit of help.

Read and listen to Megan's My Vermont Essay



Josh VanHouten, Richmond

It's been said that "Vermont is what America used to be," and that "in Vermont we live life in the slow lane." Josh says both those statements are true, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Read and listen to Josh's My Vermont Essay

Dawna Neron, Tunbridge

While Dawna often yearns for the Vermont she grew up in, she appreciates that it's still a special place. It's not perfect, but it just may be as perfect as it gets.

Read and listen to Dawna's My Vermont Essay



Amy Braun, Rochester

Amy has noticed a unique phenomenon here in Vermont: "The Wave." She says it's a special part of life in a small state.

Read and listen to Amy's My Vermont Essay.



Alice Outwater, Burlington

After moving to Vermont, Alice grew to appreciate Vermonters' no-nonsense values, their work ethic, their reserve, their basic kindness and pioneer spirits.

Read and listen to Alice's My Vermont Essay.


Cara Cookson, Sharon

Cara has found herself wondering if she could belong to an illicit counter-culture of young Vermonters who want to live here.

Read and listen to Cara's My Vermont Essay.


Wendy Jenne, Bridgewater

When Wendy came to Vermont it was only to be for one ski season... that was almost 20 years ago.

Read and listen to Wendy's My Vermont Essay.

John Reed, Saxtons River

John feels that the biggest concern facing Vermont is the exit of children and youth from all but the Burlington area.

Read and listen to John's My Vermont Essay.


Susan Beard, Rutland

Susan is heartened by the enthusiasm in Vermont for relying more on healthful, locally grown food, and by a determination to preserve our wilderness.

Read and listen to Susan's My Vermont Essay.


Kathryn Johnson, Hyde Park

Kathryn's Vermont has taught her that anyone with a passion can fulfill that passion with hard work and dedication.

Read and listen to Kathryn's My Vermont Essay


Ryan Sanderson

Hunting, gardening and cooking have always been a family affair for Ryan. But he says he's seen those traditions fade.

Read and listen to Ryan's My Vermont Essay


Kerstin Lange, Burlington

Kerstin feels at home in a place where love of the land is a shared value.

Read and listen to Kerstin's My Vermont Essay



Andrew Wellman

For Andrew Vermont's charm is a double edged sword.

Read and listen to Andrew's My Vermont Essay


AP Photos: Toby Talbot, Alden Pellett

Note: VPR reserves the right to select essays that are appropriate for the project and as space allows.

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