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My Vermont Project: Listeners Envision Vermont's Future

05/23/08 12:00PM
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AP Photo/Barbara Noll
How do VPR listeners envision the challenges and solutions facing the state?

Listener Comments Welcomed!

We invite your comments, questions and observations about the challenges facing Vermont. You can post your comments online.

All this week on Vermont Edition we've examined specific problems that state will comes to terms with in the coming years: Vermont's population is shifting and it's having an impact on our landscape and environmental identity, our economy is creating a divide between urban wealth and the rural poor, our sources of electric power are uncertain and the costs of health care are rising unsustainably.

Our guest is Paul Costello, director of the Council on Rural Development, group that's been asking Vermonters to identify the unifying themes of Vermont's future and how the state can prepare itself to meet its challenges. (Listen)

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