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My Vermont Project: Affordability

05/20/08 12:00PM
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What can be done to make Vermont a more affordable place to live?

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Roots of Economic Disparity

A dearth of high-paying jobs and dramatic increases in the cost of living are straining Vermonters' ability to get by. The cost pressures aren't a mystery: heating homes through the winter, gas prices in a state that depends on driving, rising food prices and wage increases that haven't kept pace. We examine whether two Vermonts are emerging: one in which the rural poor are left behind educationally and economically, and another in which the urban and suburban regions thrive. (Listen)

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Finding Solutions

Just as the roots of the economic divide are born partly from national and international forces, the solutions are not all under Vermont's control either. On what parts of the problem can Vermont business and policy markers make a mark? We look the tourism industry's critical role in our overall economy, and the low-paying jobs that the industry typically offers. Is the promise of making Vermont a center for the green technology industry realistic? Does the state's infrastructure for transportation and broadband position Vermont for a strong economy? And how do integrate strong education with attractive jobs? We talk with innovative thinkers about approaches to economic development that capitalize on Vermont's uniqueness. (Listen)





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