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My Vermont Project: Vermont's Identity

05/19/08 12:00PM
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AP Photo/Toby Talbot
How are the people and landscape of Vermont changing, and what do we want to preserve?


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The People

Much has been made of the "youth flight" from Vermont - the trend of young people leaving the state, and older people moving here in retirement. We examine the reality of youth flight, whether it is a phenomenon that Vermont is experiencing and how our state's experience differs from other regions. Significant imbalances in a state's population can have significant repercussions for the kind of services the state needs to provide, and the available workforce to keep Vermont's economy strong. (Listen)

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• Bill Stenger, president of Jay Peak resort and chair of the Next Generation Commission.

• Tom Slayton, former publisher of Vermont Life magazine.


The Land

Vermonters have prided themselves on forward-thinking attitudes toward rehabilitating and protecting the natural environment of the state. But a quick tally of Vermont's most significant environmental laws finds one searching the history books: Act 250, the Bottle Bill, the Billboard law and Green Up are all innovations of long ago. The Legislature this year did make ground water a public trust, but has Vermont been resting on its environmental laurels? We examine the big environmental challenges that the state could take on - curbing global warming, developing a local food economy, and protecting farmland and forests from fragmentation. (Listen)


• Pat Parenteau, professor at Vermont Law School, expert in environmental policy and former commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

• Andrew Meyer, Vermont Soy Farm, former policy aid to Senator Jim Jeffords for agricultural issues


This program will be rebroadcast May 19 at 7:00pm



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