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My Vermont: Wendy Jenne

05/13/08 7:50AM
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When I came to Vermont it was only to be for one ski season... that was almost 20 years ago. At first I was in love with Vermont enamored with this whole state.

Then I married a Vermonter, and quickly realized it meant we will always live here. The distance from things - the sheer miles-- began to bother me, things like shopping, jobs, the practical part of daily life. This was very different than my Seattle roots.

Now we have 2 daughters. I worry about all the things that many adults worry about in VT... But I take great comfort in my children's childhood here - they feel safe, they're in a good public school, they eagerly learn about the land here through their phenomenal outdoor experiences.

Life is Seattle has changed by leaps and bounds, my parents tell me. But not so, here. It's nearly the same safe small growing up experience for my kids as it was for my husband.

Living here, and staying here, is the smartest thing I've ever done. That, and unplugging the TV. My husband grew up with one channel, and he turned out pretty good.

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