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My Vermont: Amy Braun

05/09/08 12:50PM
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There is a unique phenomenon here in Vermont: "The Wave." We wave as we drive by each other, "Hey!" It is a special part of life in a small state.

After residing here for several winters, I finally noticed it happening because it took that long before anyone waved. Northern New England winters are a good gauge of stamina and longevity. No one waved until they were sure I would be sticking around.

After "The Wave" started, travel became an experience of anticipation. Who is approaching? Is the oncoming car from out-of-state? No, well then... is that driver a Vermonter? Yes. Do we know each other? Yes, a local neighbor so...

We wave.

It could be a few fingers up off the wheel or a solid hand up, but there has to be some sort of gesture, because if we don't acknowledge each other we are breaking a norm. "The Wave" reminds us of Vermont's uniqueness.

After years it's no longer a simple, "Hey?" It's become: "Hey. No, I'm not mad at you. I'm glad we both have chosen to live here. Yeah, I know how you feel about school taxes, but at least we have our democracy."

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