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My Vermont: Dawna Neron

05/09/08 7:50AM
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My Vermont has changed. Born and raised in central Vermont, the changes I've seen in 40 years are overwhelming. Some are good, some are not.

My daughter, who is 5, will never experience the freedoms that I did as a child. Walking down a quiet country road to meet the school bus - by herself; biking to the next nearby town with her friends; playing kickball on the town green (unchaperoned); these experiences are not as safe and benign as they once were.

But, other elements of my daughter's environment are better than I experienced: swimming in the uncontaminated White River; eating fresh produce from our local CSA; enjoying the vibrant regional fine arts community and connecting with people who are interested in preserving what's good about Vermont.

While I often yearn for the Vermont I grew up in, I appreciate that it's still a special place. It's not perfect, but it just may be as perfect as it gets.

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