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My Vermont: Josh VanHouten

05/08/08 5:50PM
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My Vermont has the most beautiful vista in the entire interstate system - I see it daily coming down French Hill on I-89 entering Richmond. What makes that panorama of farm fields, Mount Mansfield, the old iron bridge, the Winooski Valley and Camel's Hump even more beautiful for me is that seeing it means I am just minutes from home.

My wife and I are not "real Vermonters" - we were born and raised in New Jersey at the beginning of the baby boom. We lived in eight states and one Canadian province before we had the good fortune to settle in Vermont in 1980, where we knew immediately we would spend the rest of our lives. Having now traveled through all 50 states, 7 Canadian provinces and 29 countries; we know none of them can hold a candle to Vermont. So, although we are not "real Vermonters," we are Vermonters by choice; which is even better

The shopkeepers in the biggest city in my Vermont know me when I walk in the door. When I call my mechanic for an appointment, he immediately asks whether I will be bringing in our ‘97 or our ‘04 Subaru and, when I say the '97, he wonders whether I can get another winter out of those snow tires.

It's been said that "Vermont is what America used to be," and that "in Vermont we live life in the slow lane." Both those statements are true, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



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