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My Vermont: Megan Humphrey

05/08/08 2:06PM
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What I love about living here is simple. For me, it falls into 3 categories: "People", "Place", and "Politics".

I can't imagine creating better friends than the ones I've made over the years here---through work, volunteer activities, and neighborhoods where I've lived. There's just something special about so many of the people who have grown up here or adopted Vermont as their own.

In terms of place, Lake Champlain is the centerpiece for me. Diving into the green sun-filtered water in the summertime is beyond measure in terms of joy. Gazing across the lake as the sun sets over the Adirondacks is my very favorite time of day. I cherish the different moods of the lake in every season.

Regarding politics, as a liberal Unitarian, I never voted for anyone who actually won before I moved here. Now it happens all the time! I appreciate that many of the people who live here are politically active, the state is small enough for voices to be heard, there's a viable third party, and issues that will affect the positive future of this state are being addressed.

It doesn't mean that we don't have challenges ahead, though. We'll need to find a balance between cows and jobs, farmland and houses. We'll need to meet the food, shelter, educational, and health needs of our citizens as the population ages. We need to preserve farms. We need to create employment for the younger generation without draining other resources, so that they can afford to stay here too. And we'll need to caretake the land and waterways that make Vermont such a gem.

I'm hopeful, though. With a little awareness and hard work by all of us, we can keep the best of the state and change the pieces that need a little bit of help. After all, isn't Vermont worth it?

Megan J. Humphrey
Burlington, VT

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