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My Vermont: Mickey Meyers

05/07/08 5:50PM
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I live in a house built in 1914 as a wedding present for the artist Georgia Balch, and I work in a gallery, built in 1984 as a memorial by the artist Alden Bryan for his wife, the painter Mary Bryan.

Riding to work every day, I pass the Vermont Studio Center, where working artists enjoy the opportunity for focused, independent work, with support of their peers. In another mile, I pass the birthplace of Julian Scott, whose career in the military was overshadowed by his career as a Civil War artist. My daily journey covers 162 years of Vermont art history, and is a reminder of why I have chosen to live here.

Everywhere I turn in "my Vermont," the arts are supported by the people, whether by historical markers or living monuments, the process of making art, which can be lonely, challenging and complex, is appreciated and fostered here.

There is something about the support of the people that steers me, like the stars in the sky, through the journey in my own studio. It encourages me to embrace the adventure of creativity with confidence, knowing I live in a community that knows when to leave you alone, and when to applaud.

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