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My Vermont: Dot Helling

05/07/08 12:50PM
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I'm Dot Helling, from Montpelier.

Whenever I leave and return to Vermont, the Green Mountains wrap around me and hug me.

I have lived here permanently since the early 1970's and cannot imagine another place I could ever passionately call home.

While I dread the gloomy days of winter and the ice more and more each year, spring always rejuvenates my soul and makes me forget such pain.

When I visit other places that are paradise, I find that unlike Vermont there is a higher price than bearing winters, eg. isolation, high cost of living, large populations, traffic, dangerous political unrest.

We have a place that can still be saved and still offers us the joys of living basic with nature. The smells, the views, the culture and our way of living are all part of a package that I have yet to find anywhere else on this planet.

I consider myself a true Vermonter even though I was not born here, no matter what Reverend Nutting has argued to the contrary. I love Vermont!

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