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Restructuring Vermont's Prison System

05/06/08 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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With Vermont's corrections costs spiraling out of control, officials from all branches of government have been working on a plan to close one Vermont prison and change how several other facilities are used. The resulting savings will be re-invested in transitional housing and substance abuse programs. Experts say the plan, which was just approved by the Legislature, would not only save $3.5 million by 2010, but also curb recidivism and make Vermont's communities safer. We talk about the plan with Vermont Corrections Commissioner Rob Hofmann and with Dick Sears, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Listen)

Also on the program, Rutland Herald business reporter Bruce Edwards takes a look at the factors that made this winter a banner season for Vermont's ski resorts. (Listen)

And we continue our series, My Vermont: essays by our listeners on life in the Green Mountain State. Today Lali Cobb of West Pawlet talks about how animals balance our relationship to the land. (Listen)

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