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My Vermont: Maxine Leary

05/05/08 5:50PM
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My name is Maxine Leary. I have lived all my 78 years in Vermont, though I've done a lot of traveling during that time.

I grew up in the Old North End of Burlington and for the last 13 years have lived in Montpelier, where I love the small-town community atmosphere with its vibrancy, culture and arts.

As a Sister of Mercy for 20 years I was known as Sister Augustine (which is how some of my former students like US Senator Patrick Leahy remember me.)

I've always been interested in poetry, and wrote my first poem at 14.

I wrote this poem especially for a nephew who grew up in Montpelier but at the time was working overseas. I think a Vermonter's life-story and geography resemble each other, so the poem has many layers of meaning. It's called Vermont Home


These are your roots

These granite hills

Of home



Hosannah color


The Fall of Winter.


Here is your sustenance


Grown in the

Fertile green

Of valleys

Watered by

Small rivers

Flowing free.


Here find your treasure


In the scar

Of gorges

Carved in the

Deepened dark

So long ago.



In the blue

Of snow-fed lake

You'll see

Your face

By sunset light

In peace

In this place

That is




(copyright 2000 by this registrant)

Montpelier VT

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