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State Budget Cuts

04/18/08 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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Host Bob Kinzel
The goal is clear but it won't be easy: lawmakers and the Douglas administration need to cut $25 million from the 2009 state budget. On Wednesday, a list of possible cuts was presented to the group, which will make its hard choices by Friday. Lobbyists and advocacy groups are working to protect their programs and projects, some of which will be spared while others are reduced or eliminated. Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Susan Bartlett and Finance Commissioner Jim Reardon give us the latest update on how the decisions are being made. (Listen)

Also in the program, news analysis from some of the top reporters in the state. (Listen)

And we listen back to some of the voices in the week's news. (Listen)


Listener comments on state budget cuts:


Margaret from Norwich:

Please explain exactly what cuts are being proposed for the VPharm program. You need to understand that low income people on Medicare cannot afford any more in premiums. I already pay more in one month's premium under the current program than I paid during the whole year under the co-pay only program. If we lose the VPharm support, those of us who have just a few thousand dollars of savings will not be able to qualify for the federal help program for Medicare D.
We'll just have NO drug plan.

Fred from Windsor:

The explanation of the media expense does not cut it for me. I had no clue that these people even existed and I get information. Cut the overhead not elderly needs. Cut the Governors pay. Raise the booze tax. Cut back on road construction, we can't afford to drive anyway.


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