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My Vermont

05/05/08 7:55AM


Explore the My Vermont series:
» My Vermont essays heard on-air
» My Vermont essays posted online by listeners
» The My Vermont Project on Vermont Edition


My Vermont is a multi-part project that focuses on what Vermonters value about living here and the challenges we face in the future.

For the first time, VPR invited listeners into our studios to record their thoughts for possible broadcast. We recorded selected essays and are currently airing them on VPR during Morning Edition and on VPR Classical. There's still time to post your essay on our web site. Click here to read what your neighbors have to say and post your comments:

Click here to listen to My Vermont essays. The comments are helping shape the second part of My Vermont: a series of Vermont Edition programs the week of May 19th that look at major challenges facing the state. Click here to visit the My Vermont Project on Vermont Edition web page.

VPR's My Vermont project will conclude with a radio documentary that summarizes what we've learned.

You'll find more details about My Vermont on this page as the project progresses.

AP Photos: Alden Pellett, Toby Talbot

Note: VPR reserves the right to select essays that are appropriate for the project and as space allows.

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